Monday, February 20, 2012

Free Crappy Portrait

Aaaaaages ago I sent in our photo to Free Crappy Portraits and requested one of our very own. So long ago now I totally forgot about it, until today. Not only have they supplied us with an AWESOME Free Crappy Portrait, thoroughly identifying us and poor Mavis' story, but they put us on their website! How cool is that?!

I know!

Here is our (awesome) crappy portrait - thanks sooooo much Nick P. You did good.

I highly recommend you request your very own Free Crappy Portrait. They won't disappoint!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Not So Naked Chef

For his 2nd birthday this little Naked Chef received his very own little person sized kitchen! It seemed only fitting he should have a little person sized apron to go with it, and so I made him one. Stars, because he is a star! And because that was one of the first shapes he knew.

Anyone else want one?

Building Bob's Garage

With two little boys, a Mum must step outside her desire for frilly dresses and braiding hair and find her creativity in making car related things. So what can Mum make with a nappy box and some coloured paper, to please one little boy all rainy afternoon?
(I started with a box...)

A garage of course! Bob's Garage to be specific. Now all the trucks have a place to rest after a long days work.

(second storey on but roof unfinished)

Bob even has a delightful little bungalow out the back should he and Wendy want to escape for some quality time. Oh, they're not "together"? No? Oops! Could have fooled me!

Better look out, here comes baby brother!