Thursday, July 26, 2012

Apple Cookies

Ready for the oven... minus a few bites!
I got my very first real deal cake decorating piping set and have been itching to use it for months! And thanks to the inspiration of one superb sugar cookie decorator Sugarbelle; these apple cookies have been my maiden voyage so to speak.

I got my sugar cookie recipe from Sugarbelle too. It's especially simple, and  with a few little tweaks for my temperamental oven, I think my cookies turned out quite well. On with the decorating!

I decided to make apples, as another gift for the wonderful staff at Day Care. All teachers should receive an apple from the kids (or their parents) don't you think?

I piped the outlines first.
White for the whole apples and red for the cut apples.
Flooded (filled) in the rest.
A couple hours later piped in the stems and seeds and hastily  popped on the little leaves.
Popped each one in a little celo bag and tied with a bow! Whaa-laa!