Monday, November 7, 2011

The Naked Chef

We like to bake. Anything will do. Though, sweets are preferable to my son... Oh OK, preferable to me too!

I try to include him whenever I'm baking. He runs off and pushes a chair up to the bench to join in. I wrap him in my spotty apron and hand him the spoon and measuring cups. He'll watch eagerly when I'm using my mixer and sneak a finger or two into the batter when I turn it off.
I've come to accept a few things when cooking with him;
  1. there is going to be mess, just clean it up later
  2. my cake will turn out a little smaller than it should be
  3. a good soak in napi-san straight away usually gets the chocolate out

chocolate crackles

Or bake nude and you don't have that problem! Thanks my little Naked Chef!
rolling pizza bases

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