Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Stockings

Oooh I love Christmas! It's nearly here... only 3 weeks away! Firstly I can't believe the year is almost over already! Where has that time gone? Secondly, it's baby's first Christmas and he doesn't have a stocking yet! Better get a wriggle on...

I had a beautiful stocking growing up, one my very clever creative Mum made for me and my siblings. Sadly that stocking was misplaced in a Christmas Care Package in the post en route to England a few years ago, and hopefully is being used somewhere by a person also called Ashley. Otherwise that would just be weird.
Anyway, inspired by fond childhood memories, two years ago I made stockings for my own family members. As you might notice I've hand stitched the names. That's mostly because I am frugal, but I also had more time on my hands, and was far more organised back then. So much so that I started the 4th stocking in anticipation of expanding our family... Eventually... Thank goodness!
One previously prepared gender neutral Christmas stocking has been fished out of the cupboard and is on it's way to completion. Let's hope Mummy gets it finished in time for your 1st Christmas Billy!

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