Friday, June 29, 2012

Chocolate-chip cookie dough truffle pops!

Cake pops are so hot right now it seemed only natural I give them a go. It's only been a few months worth of dreaming about them and wondering what excuse I might have to make some. Then a delightful double banger of an excuse popped  into my Facebook inbox: Baking Our Blues Away.

Not only would I get to finally make some pops, but I get to make them for someone else and hopefully make their day! How could I refuse? Challenge accepted.

I chose to make the pops for the beautiful, caring and passionate teachers at my boys Day Care. Even though I don't think any of them are technically "blue" it seems like a very thankless job - taking care of other people's children all day. Which seems like a ridiculous concept, but it's very easy to have tunnel vision when it comes to your kids. I know I'm guilty of forgetting what their teachers do each day and thanking them regularly. I will remember to do so more often from now on.

 To the pops!

The chocolate-chip cookie dough truffle recipe (sans egg for eating raw) was courtesy of Bakerella. I spotted it on Pinterest, where I find most of my mouthwatering cooking temptations. This one actually came to fruition a lot quicker than most! Simple recipe. Totally fun to make. Absolutely delicious! Teachers at day care, you are very lucky I didn't eat them all! Plus I had to smuggle them out of the house quick smart or I would have had cookie-dough-flavoured-chocolate-covered-kidlets (and husband).

Since I am not a cook. I won't go into the details and how-to's. (Bakerella does a fine job of that anyway.) I will simply note a couple things that made my pop experience work (or could work better).
  • Make extras. As I mentioned above I was very tempted to eat as I worked, which would have resulted in minimal produce.
  • Make them out of sight of children and husbands, or any other strays in your house at the time for fear of the same result as above.
  • I made them a couple days in advance and they kept fine in the fridge. Hidden.
  • Plain sticks look much better than coloured. But I didn't have any, hence the coloured sticks.
  • Little celo baggies and ribbon turn them into very cute individual gifts. Perfect for this situation.

Hope you try your hand at making some pops, they are the bomb!

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